the details

Your consultations with the Sartorialto team won’t be like any fittings you’ve had before. We will challenge you to move out of your comfort zone, and to take risks.

the details

We wear our white shirts so often that we forget about them. We forget that we weren’t entirely happy with them when we tried them on for the first time at home; that they weren’t the shade of white that they seemed to be under the store lights, or that the shoulders were too big, or the sleeves too short.

We forget these things, but the people we meet don’t. They see them as we first did, as we won’t see them again until we buy the better shirt. Which drives us to find a better one, and a better one, until we find the shirt that is perfect for us: the cuffs that just peek out beneath the jacket, the collar that complements the length of our neck and the shape of our face, the crisp fabric that elevates the rest of our ensemble... and doesn’t just hide beneath it.

It’s a shame to forget about our shirts even as we’re wearing them; to settle until we stumble across the better one. A visit to Sartorialto fast-forwards the process.

The perfect shirt is the constant goal, starting with the perfect fabric that is molded to your upper body and ending with the detailing that brands it as uniquely yours.

So you can start with the perfect shirt, instead of discovering imperfections later.

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