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The team  
  Mark Patrick

Mark is the founder of Sartorialto.
He started making unique suits because he wanted to wear unique suits. In his time overseeing all operations at Sartorialto, Mark has come to appreciate the value of taking risks in choosing one’s suit.

He encourages Sartorialto clients to do just this; to change their perspective on what it precisely is that constitutes their “personal style.”

  Maud Marquis-Breton

Maud is a partner and the stylist at Sartorialto.
She has worked as a wardrobe specialist in the garment industry for more than fifteen years.

Maud is the main liaison between the Sartorialto tailors and our business clients, communicating the particular needs of the latter toward building custom suits for an executive environment..

  The Tailors

Sartorialto garments are produced by a team of 12 classically-trained pocketmakers, pressers, finishers, and other specialized tailors, each one making a unique contribution to every suit that leaves the shop.

Assembled together, this team shares more than 400 years of experience, accumulated from throughout the world. For example, Sartorialto’s master tailor began his professional training at age nine in Calabria, Italy, and completed it in his mid-20s in Rome. Sartorialto’s team are part of what is quite likely the last generation of classically-trained, lifelong-apprenticed tailors.

There is no younger generation waiting in the wings, developing the same skill-sets, and this is bad news. The good news is that Sartorialto’s team is still working, and available to create a custom suit for you today.

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