The custom suit experience

Your Sartorialto experience will likely begin with a leisurely cup of espresso. We want to set the proper pace from the start; the final product of this process will last a lifetime, so we’ll take the time to make sure it’s perfectly tailored to you.

Over this first espresso, you’ll talk with the Sartorialto design team about your vision for your custom suit or shirt: Where and when you plan to wear it and what you want to project when you do. The designers will show you fabrics and cloths and patterns, and what at first seems like a complex library of them will gradually become coherent. Already you will be learning the vocabulary of the bespoke world, and using it to clarify your vision.

The Sartorialto stylists will take your measurements, working in tandem with the tailors toward planning a style that will highlight your physique’s strengths and conceal its weaknesses. And then you will go home and they will go to work, assembling the world’s finest cloths into a garment made exclusively for you.

In the weeks that follow, you will have several more fittings and meetings with the Sartorialto designers and tailors. Your custom suit or shirt will begin to take its final shape. It may be the exact shape you had in mind when you arrived for that first meeting, or it may be something entirely different -- the Sartorialto experience has a funny way of changing a man’s perspective on his own appearance.




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