Custom suits to be remembered by

The team at Sartorialto makes custom suits and shirts to be remembered by. They make them from the world’s finest cloths. They make them using old-world techniques, applied by classically-trained tailors with specialized roles (only the pocketmaker will touch your pockets). And they are infused with those otherwise-intangible elements that are unique to you; the character, humour and aspirations that set you apart, brought out during your conversations with the Sartorialto designers and materialized in your custom suit’s cloth, detailing and cut.

Your consultations with the Sartorialto team won’t be like any fittings you’ve had
before. Maud et Paule will challenge you to move out of your comfort zone, and to
take risks. They won’t let you leave in a garment that’s too simple or safe. Because the last
thing we want is for you to blend in.

Custom suit fabrics

Your first Sartorialto custom suit might be made from a tough, all-purpose wool, thinly woven with silk so as to shimmer in natural light. Your next one could be built for bundling up in the Montreal winter, out of genuine cashmere wool from the Himalayan mountains or luxurious Vicuna from Argentina. Your Sartorialto summer suit may be half the winter suit’s weight: light linen for August nights.

You will likely pass years as a Sartorialto client, and these years will see you wearing a variety of different fabrics, weights and weaves. You will never exhaust them all: there are simply too many potential combinations. But with the initial guidance of Maud end Paule, and your own developing sense of style and expertise, you will always find the Sartorialto suit that is perfect for the present moment in your life.

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