Corporate Program

You have put the effort and the investment into looking your best.
You are confident that you consistently offer a positive representation of your company at professional events. Are you equally confident that your employees do?

The Sartorialto Corporate Program is the most efficient way to ensure that everyone in your organization is presenting himself in a manner that aligns with your company’s standards and values. We offer three levels of instruction that can be assembled into a custom program, tailored toward company-wide sartorial success:

Level I: Three-day instructional seminar in your enterprise, focused on common self-presentation mistakes and body-language tools.

Level II: Development of a structured dress-code, unique to your company but appropriate to your industry.

Level III: Development of business wardrobes for individual employees.

Each member of your staff is an ambassador for your company. The Sartorialto Corporate Program will ensure that they are all worthy ambassadors.

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